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History of Sultanpur Lodhi

There is m uch to explore in Sultanpur Lodhi which is one of the ancient city of Punjab. The city has seen various stages of Indian history and has lot of places to visit. This is an important place for Sikh community, as Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first Guru of Sikh had spent 14 years of his life here. Sultanpur Lodhi was founded by Sultan Khan Lodhi, who was a general of Mahmud of Ghazni in 1103. This ancient city had been witnessed to many ups and downs in terms of religion, literature, politics, commerce and trade.

History of Sultanpur Lodhi

Ancient History of Sultanpur Lodhi

Between 1st century and 6th century AD Sultanpur Lodhi was a major place for Buddhism. It is believed the Buddhist book of ‘Abhinav-Prastava’ written by Katiyana, was completed here. The name of this city was Sarwmanpur at that time. Sultanpur Lodhi was one of the prominent center of Buddhism and Hinduism in the 8th century. Archeological department have discovered many statues, coins and other such objects of that period during their research and excavations.

Medieval History of Sultanpur Lodhi

Once Mahmud of Ghazni, the Afgan Ruler invaded this area and his army burnt this city into ashes, as it was a Hindu-Buddhist city. As a result, lots of people had to live the rest of their life in a totally destroyed city. It led to the complete end of Sarwmanpur city. Nawab Wali Muhammad Khan was appointed as the ruler of Punjab during 12th century. He was the cousin of the Emperor of Delhi Nasir-U-din Muhammada Shah. Sultan Khan, one of the two sons of Hakim, saw this land and was attracted by its beauty. He re-established this city by his name. It led to the complete death of Sarwmanpur city and the new city called Sultapur Lodhi was born. Sultanpur Lodhi was a major trade center of North India as well as the center point of the old trade route between Delhi and Lahore. There were several markets and numerous shops in the city. The famous “Anit-e-Akbari” mentioned Sultanpur Lodhi, as an important business place. The city also had many royal gardens and farms. You can still see the remnants of many royal buildings built at that time at Sultanpur Lodhi. “Hadera” was such a marvelous building. The royal family used to take rest in this building on their way to royal gardens. Dances and other royal functions were organized in this building for entertainment for the royal family.

Sultanpur Lodhi was also famous for education at that time. There were several “Madarasas”, in the city which were the Islamic schools of education. Aurengazeb and Dera-sekoh, the two Mughal princes completed their studies in one white mosque of Sultanpur Lodhi. Sultanpur Lodhi was also known as ‘Perran Puri’ (City of monks). As there were many religious personalities related to this place, you can still see some tombs of these monks.

Sultanpur Lodhi is also related to history of Sikh religion. Bibi Nanki Ji, the elder sister of Guru Ji, was married to Shri Jai Ram of Sultanpur Lodhi in A D 1475. Shri Jai Ram brought Guru Ji to Sultanpur Lodhi in 1483, where he got job as the person in-charge (Modi) of the civil supplies store (Modi Khana). Guru Nanak Dev Ji married Bibi Sulkani Ji of Sultanpur Lodhi in 1488 June. Guru Ji begot two sons here. Guru Ji lived more than 14 years in Sultanpur Lodhi and he disappeared in holy Rivulet (Kali Belin) in 1497. But, after three years, he re-appeared with the teaching of ‘no one is Hindu, no one is Muslim’’ (na koi Hundu, na Koi musalman). Thus Sikhism, a new religion is originated. Later, Guru Ji left the job and the city with the first sacramental journey (Udasi).

Modern History of Sultanpur Lodhi

Later in 1739, the famous invader Nader Shah conquered Sultanpur Lodhi on his way to Delhi and destroyed it almost. After that the city was again destroyed by Ahmed Shah Abdali. Later, Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia re-established Sultanpur Lodhi. However, the city could not come back to its old glory and prestige. After independence Sultanpur Lodhi came under the state of Punjab and now it is a sub division and tehsil of Kapurthala district of Punjab.

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